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My Most Important Client is You!

If you Think you need a Lawyer, You Probably Do
When you hire me, James Brisbois Jr., that's who you'll get. Your legal problem will not be delegated to an inexperienced associate or a paralegal. You will not be passed from one set of hands to the next, constantly left to wonder who exactly is handling your case. Instead, you can be confident that you will have one seasoned attorney looking out for you.

I am a lawyer with over 31 years of experience helping people like you in Saginaw, Michigan and statewide. And if you need a lawyer, you probably want one with the experience to take on whatever legal challenge stands in your path. I have that experience. The Law Offices of James Brisbois Jr. can help you. Whether your case involves divorce, criminal defense, or any of my legal practice areas, you can be confident that I can help you get results.

Every Case Starts With Personal Attention

I believe in personal attention because I understand that every case is different. When you choose me to handle your case, I will get to know you. I will listen to what you have to say and I will give you guidance that makes sense to you.

Aggressive Advocacy and Compassionate Representation
Every case that comes through my office is prepared as if it will go to trial. Of course, I will always keep my eyes open for opportunities to resolve the issues efficiently and fairly before trial. However, I have learned that the best way to convince the opposition to provide you with a positive outcome is to make it clear to them that I am prepared to go the distance with your case.

I also take pride in providing compassionate counsel. I feel the frustrations of mothers and fathers involved in custody disputes and other family law matters. The bottom line is that I care about you. When you choose me to handle your case, you will see what I mean when I say that you are my most important client.

Contact the Law Offices of James Brisbois Jr. any time you need an attorney in Saginaw, Michigan.  For more information, please contact me by e-mail. You can also call me at 989.790.6510.